MONUSpa Slim Gel 780ml

Square 390ml Slim Gelx2
Square 390ml Slim Gelx2

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Key Actives

Rich in minerals and trace elements to help revitalise, hydrate and firm the skin.

Horse Chestnut Extract
This extract is a vaso-contrictor that contains Vitamin P, which strengthens capillary walls. Used in the treatment of broken capillaries.

Distilled Witch Hazel      
Taken from the shrub, this extract contains tannin and is a good astringent and decongestant.


The Slim Gel is a concentrated gel containing Sweet Fennel Essential Oil, Seaweed, Herbs, Distilled Witch Hazel and Mineral Salts. Slim Gel is formulated to achieve inch loss through the intra-cellular drainage of the lymphatic system. This is achieved by the combination of compression bandages, that allow the stimulation of the deep and superficial veins, and the active ingredients in the Slim Gel that have detoxifying, diuretic and tightening effects.

The Slim Gel Body Wrap Treatment is beneficial to anyone who wants to lose inches or to detox. To maintain results it should be taken in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise programme.

Suitable for all skin types.

Top Tip: A great all year round treatment to add in to your treatment MENU. Please view our training DVDs to see how the Body Boosting Detox Wrap is carried out. Training is also available, see our training dates or email [email protected]

How to use:


For instructions please see the Slim Gel Body Wrap Treatment in the treatment section of the Therapist’s Reference Manual.

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