MONU Instant Vitality Gel 180ml

MONU Instant Vitality Gel 180ml v2
MONU Instant Vitality Gel 180ml v2

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Key Actives

Aloe Vera 
A soothing, moisturising and healing extract taken from the succulent aloe plant. A natural sun filter. Extensively researched with very positive results.

Taken from the alpine herb that helps stimulate the peripheral blood supply when applied externally. It is anti-inflammatory and helps to heal broken skin.

Juniper Extract
The Juniper belongs to the conifer family; its berries are used in the making of gin. Renowned in traditional medicine for its stimulating and toning properties. This hydro-glycolic extract of juniper berries is rich in phytosterols, polyphenols and flavonoids. When massaged into the skin the extract helps boost the production of B-endorphins - pleasure molecules - to soothe and comfort the skin.

An extract taken from the essence of peppermint, which leaves the skin feeling cool. It is medicated, stimulating and vaso-constricting.

Multi Mineral Complex
Contains the minerals Magnesium, Copper and Zinc. These elements are essential for the body; they are involved in many enzyme reactions in the skin. They are found in the fibroblast and keratinocyte cells and are part of the natural moisturising factor. Magnesium encourages protein synthesis; Copper encourages the synthesis of ATP, keratin and collagen. Zinc plays a part in the synthesis of DNA. This Multi Mineral Complex supplies the elements necessary for cell energy. It stimulates cell turnover, restoring vitality, freshness and tone to the skin.

A humectant that helps to replenish loss of moisture as well as control the viscosity of the product. This will prevent ball-up or rolling of creams. Anti-inflammatory and linked with the formation of vitamin B5.


A unique blend of Multi Mineral Complex along with Aloe Vera and Arnica Extract naturally soothe and revive the skin to ensure it feels toned, tightened and full of vigour. Specially formulated to awaken and refresh tired, aching muscles whilst stimulating the senses and restoring vitality to the skin. Gently massage the gel into the muscles to feel an instant soothing sensation that promises to combat fatigue. Skin feels fresh and looks full of vitality. Packed full of natural ingredients including Aloe Vera, Arnica Extract and Multi Minerals to actively restore hydration and vivacity and recharge the skin to leave it looking and feeling renewed and relaxed.


Top Tip: Rub a small amount onto your temples and close your eyes for a well-earned rest.



How to use     

Smooth the gel onto the treatment area. Massage in well. Cooling sensation will follow.

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