Vitamin C Collagen Mask

Vit C mask pack
Vit C mask pack

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Key Actives

Collagen is the main protein of connective tissue in animals. It takes the form of long fibrous bundles called collagen fibres. These fibres give structure and support to the tissues and cells. It is responsible for skin strength and elasticity and its degradation leads to wrinkles. Our marine collagen is a by-product of the fishing industry and not animal sourced. The large collagen molecules form a tightening film on the surface of the skin to smooth fine lines, firm and tone the skin.


The Active Collagen-Bio Masks contain 99% freeze-dried Collagen, which provides an intensive hydration treatment, helping to smooth and plump fine lines with the added benefit of Vitamin C this mask is particularly suitable for hyper-pigmented skin giving a smooth, lightened complexion.

Perfect for all skin types.


Did you know? Unlike cream or clay mask, sheet masks are similar to serums. Once the mask is removed, keep the remaining serum on the skin and let it soak in.

How to use

See the Pro-Radiance Plus Facial, in the treatment section of the Therapist’s Reference Manual.

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